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[span5]produit_camera [/span5] [span7]


  • The ALX camera can record videos of refuelings.
  • The server records 24/7 and allows filtering transactions done shortly before and shortly after a refueling.
  • The LV8 and LVNET softwares allow monitoring the station in real-time.
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[span5]produit_gel008 [/span5] [span7]


  • The synchronization between your geo-tracking system and the ALX softwares avoids manual entry of drivers’ odometers and counters.
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[span5]produit_antenne-UHF [/span5] [span7]


  • This technology close to electronic toll service can automatically recognize a vehicle equipped with a TAG.
  • In combination with geo-tracking, this solution can automate simply and completely your private station.
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[span5]produit_bluebox-de-cote [/span5] [span7]


  • Adblue storage and dispensing.
  • The container is heated and insulated to avoid temperature fluctuations beyond the products tolerance.
  • A hose reel incorporates 6 meters length hose.
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[span5]produit_ecodis-double [/span5] [span7]


  • For intensive fuel dispensing.
  • Double dispenser for all fuels with air separator for a flow rate of 40 to 120 liters/minute per nozzle.
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[span5]produit_ecodis-200 [/span5] [span7]

eDIS 200

  • For intensive fuel dispensing.
  • Dispenser for all fuels equipped with 2 pumping units and 2 air separators for a maximum flow rate of 200 liters/minute
eDIS 200 [/span7]
[span5]produit_acces [/span5] [span7]


  • Manage access authorizations for agents or vehicles on 32 access points by keypad, contactless keys or magnetic cards. The access center is programmed from the ALX LV8 or LVNET management software.
  • Each code/badge is associated to authorized work schedules and locations. Each access is defined by free access schedules and controlled zones.
  • At the beginning and at the end of free access schedules, it is possible to open (or close) automatically. Forced opening / closure at any time from the software.
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[span5]produit_automate [/span5] [span7]


  • The reference in fuel management for private fleets.
  • Allows management of fuel dispensers, loading arms, transfer pumps, automated washing machines, oil dispensers etc …
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[span5]produit_ecodis [/span5] [span7]


  • For intensive fuel dispensing.
  • Dispenser for all fuels with air separator for a flow rate of 40 to 120 liters/minute.
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[span5]produit_ecodis-AD-BLUE [/span5] [span7]


[span5]produit_pa008-lateral-HR [/span5] [span7]


  • This technology secures your fuelings by activating the pump only to vehicles recognized by the nozzle.
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[span5]produit_jauge[/span5] [span7]


To gauge your tank stock ALX offers 2 solutions depending on the desired accuracy.
  • SNE (ATEX) for millimeter accuracy with possibility of measuring the water level at the bottom of the tank. SNE
  • SNLC for centimeter accuracy (ultrasound technology). SNLC
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