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  • 65L/min fuel dispenser for wall-mounting or on floor stand. Compact and cost-efficient package.
  • Distribox
  • Automaton : The reference in fuel management for private fleets. Allows management of fuel dispensers, loading arms, transfer pumps, automated washing machines, oil dispensers etc …
  • Automaton
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  • To gauge your tank stock ALX offers 2 solutions depending on the desired accuracy.
  • SNE (ATEX) for millimeter accuracy with possibility of measuring the water level at the bottom of the tank.
  • SNE
  • SNLC for centimeter accuracy (ultrasonic technology).
  • SNLC
[span5]petite_privative_tablette-lv9-br[/span5] [span7]


  • Windows Tablet allows wireless management of your station. The tablet automatically synchronizes via Bluetooth when approaching the automaton.
  • Read the document
[span5]petite_privative_logiciel[/span5] [span7]


  • ALX offers 2 management solutions on PC :
  • The LV8 software that is installed on your PC and fits your needs while remaining very easy to use. Cable, network, USB or radio communication.
  • LV8
  • The WEB package : your software is hosted on the ALX server and is accessible via internet explorer. The automaton is equipped with a SIM card.
  • Pack web
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